Wildland Firefighter Jacket 2 layers

Protection, comfort and resistance for each operation

Wildland Firefighter Jacket 2 layers

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Forest jacket, made with double front cover for better protection and a rear cover for greater breathability.



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Made with high quality materials, the wildland firefighter jacket 2 layers  is a comfortable and light garment with a high level of protection due to the fireproof properties of the fabric. Seams entirely sewn with NOMEX® thread for more resistance to friction and wear inherent to wildland environments. Protects against electric arc (anti-static), flames, tearing, traction and abrasion. Standards: EN ISO 13688/13, EN ISO 11612/15, EN ISO 1149-5/08 and EN ISO 15384/20.



EN ISO 13688 Protective clothing. General requirements.
EN ISO 11612 Protective clothing against heat and flame.
EN 1149-5 Protective clothing. Electrostatic properties.
EN 15614 Protective clothing for firefighters. Testing methods and requirements for forestry clothing.


  • 4 frontal pockets with easy-opening-system designed specially for gloves. One of the pockets can also contain a portable radio transmitter
  • 1 waterproof inside pocket designed specially for documents
  • Velcro to hold your ID on the chest
  • A hooking ring for Radio Transmitter
  • Cuffs can be adjusted from inside or outside
  • Raised collar on the back to ensure nape protection
  • Lapel for neck protection adjustable by Velcro
  • Fixing system for the Vallfirest Mask
  • Central easily-opened zipper, quick and secure
  • Fabric based on Nomex fibers and three-layered 265 gr/cm3 VISCOSA FR to guarantee  a perfect thermal isolation and protection from radiation of its user. Nomex stitched and highly resistant to rubbing and wearing out caused by the forest environment
  • High-visibility reflecting stripes all over the coat
  • Complies to EN 15614/07, EN 13688/13, EN 11612/15, EN 1149-5/08 standards

Thermal and radiation insulation

Fabric based on NOMEX®, LENZING® F.R. and KEVLAR®  fibers, 270 gr/cm3, for perfect thermal and radiation insulation. Raised neck for nape protection. 

Great protection and resistance

Great anti-static resistance, protection against flames, tearing, traction and abrasion thanks to its NOMEX® seams. Adjustable wrists with fire-resistant Velcro®. Central safety quick open zipper and easy open system. Includes Velcro® for identification on the chest.

Reflective bands

High visibility reflective straps on the front, arms and across the back for a guaranteeing a 360º visible position on the ground.

Pocket features

- 4 front pockets with an oversized flap for easier opening with gloves.
- Front left top pocket adapted for portable radios.
- Attachment ring for radio holster at shoulder height.
- Adjustable cuffs with Velcro® on the outside.