vft2 wildland fire helmet

Protection and versatility for wildland rescue and fire operations

vft2 Wildland Fire Helmet

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The new Firefighter helmet vft2 has been designed in order to meet the needs of forest firefighting crews.



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Modernly designed, versatile and easy to use, the new vft2 wildland fire helmet is 100% compatible with many accessories to meet the needs of the most demanding operations.


  • EN 16471 Helmets for wildland fire fighting.
  • EN 16471 Helmets for technical rescues.
  • EN 12492 Helmets for rescues, mountaineering and climbing.
  • EN 443 Helmets for fire fighting in buildings and other structures.
  • EN 397 Industrial safety helmets.

NFPA: 1977 Protective clothing and equipment for wildland fire fighting.

Vallfirest has introduced some new details and features into this firefighter´s helmet to improve it from the point of view of its efficiency and ergonomics.

External elements:

The helmet is made of one piece of PC and provided with a ventilation system, anchorage systems for glasses, front light, lantern and other kinds of face protectors. It is also possible to use it together with the ear protectors, neck protectors and radio and video systems.

Internal elements:

The internal harness is made of EPS and presents a multi-size design from XS  to XL. Its function is that of distribution of the absorbed impacts. It is also provided with a wheel adjustment system along with breathing padded fabric which make up a completely ergonomic and comfortable harness.

Greater protection and resistance

A wrap-around design produced in a single PC/ABS piece without added paint, the protective visor provides protection against liquids coming from aerial discharges with flame retardant.

Longitudinal crown

Structural crown with longitudinal design and back ring to offer a greater back protection from possible impacts.

Total adaptation

An inner multi-size harness (from 52 up to 64) with rear wheel adjustment and a new fireproof chin strap with 6 adjustment points so the protective helmet will perfectly fit any head.

More comfortable and breathable

A harness with an ergonomic inner crown pad. The textile protection on vft helmets is replaceable and washable unlike on other helmets on the market.

One helmet, many solutions

Compatible with all types of accessories. Goggle anchoring, front light system anchoring clips, flashlight anchoring, foldable PC shield system and clearing shield. Noise protection, nape guards, radio systems and video cameras can be included.