Fire Swatter Alaska

Extendable Fire Swatter Alaska, with elastic and telescopic handle up to 2 meters

Fire Swatter Alaska

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The all-new compact fire swatter with an elastic, telescopic handle that extends to 2 meters.

A revolutionary concept due to the size and light weight which allows it to be easily carried hanging from the back and in small-size vehicles. It’s the ideal Fire Swatter for helitransported squads.




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The all-new fire swatter developed by Vallfirest is a concept that is different from the habitual fire swatters as it has built-in systems that allow it to exceed current limitations, giving priority to safety and ergonomics both in its use and transport.



-Small size: The unique fire swatter on the market which can be shortened to 92 cm. Ideal for carrying in a helicopter.

– Less physical wear. Greater efficiency: A telescopic aluminum handle. Extendable to different heights. Greater impact absorption against the ground. Prevents impacts on hands and arms. Increases the power and performance of your work by taking advantage of the inertia of the flexible rod.

– Fold-down head: Features a 45° lock and turn system to fold the flap down over the stick. This decreases the length

-A convenient sleeve: A small sleeve for easier and flexible carrying. Features an adaptable strap for hanging so hands may be free to work with other tools all while carrying the Fire Swatter.

– Irregular ground solution: The unique cut design means better adaptation to the irregularities of the ground where you work. Greater efficiency on the ground.

Irregular Terrain

A flexible rod that absorbs the impact of hitting the ground. Prevents overloaded hands. A 45º fold and lock system. More efficiency with less effort.

Small Size

The unique fire swatter on the market which can be shortened to 92 cm. Ideal for carrying in a helicopter


Pequeña funda que facilita y agiliza su transporte. Con correa adaptable para colgado, permitiendo tener las manos libres para trabajar con otra herramienta, mientras el batefuegos es transportado.

Folding Head

The head features a lock and turn system so the flapper can be folded down against the handle to reduce the tool volume when carried. The tool then measures 92 cm to be either helitransported or carried in a backpack to free up hands.